NEW! Black Canadian Studies

The Indigenous Studies Program and Black Canadian Studies Certificate stand in solidarity with those protesting the murder of George Floyd, as well as with the families of the three Indigenous people murdered in Winnipeg by the police within the past ten days—16 year old Eishia Hudson, 17 year old Jamie Adao, and Jason Collins, a 32 year old father of three children—as well as with those grieving Regis Korchinsky-Paquet, a 29 year old Afro-Indigenous woman who died a week ago in Toronto. We know the strong connection between rampant anti-Black racism and the colonialism that allows the murders of Indigenous peoples to continue with such impunity. We call on York to address the connections between colonialism and anti-Black racism.

black lives matter

The Black Canadian Studies Certificate provides an integrated examination of the historical, cultural and various expressive productions of people of African descent in the Americas through the lens of Black Canada and four specific humanities and fine arts approaches: cultural studies, history, literature, and music. Students may also complete a professional application component in their third or fourth year.